A Litany about Family Values


Loving and gracious God,

Help each family in our congregation live out

their faith together with compassion for each
family member and for others;

Hear our prayer, O God.

Help each one show kindness to one

another and all they meet;

Hear our prayer, O God.

Help our families know humility as they

remember your glory and greatness,

Hear our prayer, O God.

Help our families study meekness, giving

all credit to you;

Hear our prayer, O God.

Help our families learn patience toward

each family member;

Hear our prayer, O God.

Above all, clothe each family with your love

so that they might show that love to others;

Hear our prayer, O God.

All this we pray, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.


Intercessory Prayer for Families


God of all times and places, we ask you to attend to this prayer
and the voices, heard and silent, who pray it.

For families who struggle to speak to one another in love,

For families who delight in being together,

For families who want to live with less in order that others
might have more,

For families who do not have enough

to dress warmly or to go to bed without hunger,

For families who read your word together,

For families who find it hard to spend any time together,

For my family, for the families in my community,

For the families in this congregation,

for the families around the world,

For all families, we pray that love will grow in them so that love
will shine through them. Amen.


A Blessing for Families


Bless each family here, God of wonder, remind them daily that they belong to you.

Send your Spirit on each family member, small and large, that they might know
your presence as they live their trust in you. Amen.