Dear Bride and Groom,

The Pastor and the Parish Council of the Holy Trinity Armenian Church would like to congratulate you for the beautiful decision you have made to build a family and would like to wish you endless love and happiness. You are an inseparable part of our Church Family.

We would like to bring to your attention few important matters and request your cooperation.

  • Wedding Ceremonies are performed every Saturday and Sunday throughout the year, except during the Lenten period. For emergency cases, Wedding Ceremonies can be performed only upon the blessing of the Primate.
  • Date and time of the Wedding should be confirmed with the Pastor and the Church Office.
  •  The couple should complete the Church Application form of the Wedding and make the payment of required deposit to guarantee the date and time of the Wedding.
  •  You are requested to complete the Membership Application of the Church. The first year of your Membership Dues will be granted by the Pastor and the Parish Council.

 Meeting with the Pastor

  • Upon the fulfillment of the above, it is a must for the couple to arrange a meeting with the Pastor, to get to know him personally, discuss with him and get advice and answers to the questions that are of interest to them.

During the meeting, the Pastor will explain to the couple about the Sacrament of the Holy Matrimony and put emphasis upon a good marital relationship.

Taking into consideration the busy schedule of the Pastor, meetings can be arranged between Tuesdays and Fridays 9:30 am. to 2:30 pm. The date should be confirmed by the Pastor.

  •  The day of the meeting, the Baptism and Confirmation Certificates should be presented to the Pastor.

Requirements for the Holy Matrimony

  • The couple getting married must be baptized and confirmed.
  • The Best Man of the couple getting married should be baptized and confirmed.
  • If one of the couple is divorced, the person should have legal divorce papers.
  • Minimum two weeks prior to the wedding, the couple should present their Marriage License, obtained from the City Hall.
  • On the Sunday before the Wedding the couple should participate in the Divine Liturgy and receive Holy Communion.
  • For the rehearsal of the Wedding, the date and time should be respected.

Day of the Wedding

  • On the day of the Wedding, in order to avoid difficulties, it is requested to be punctual.
  • Florist should make the wedding decorations only 30 minutes before the wedding, and immediately after the ceremony, remove them. No damage must be done to the furnishings of the Church.
  •  The photographer and the video cameraman are not allowed to rise on the Altar. Let them consult with the Deacon prior to the Ceremony.
  •  During the Service, the answer by the bride and groom to the Pastor’s first question should be: “Yes, by the will of God”, and to the second question of the Pastor the answer should be: “Yes, let them be witnesses”.

For bookings and more details please contact church office at 416-431-3001 Ext.226
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