Sunday School End Of The Year Concert

Sunday School End Of The Year Concert

HTAC Press Office

The Holy Trinity Armenian Church’s Sunday School end of the year concert took place on Sunday, June 28. Following  the Divine Liturgy, the guests and  parents gathered in Magaros Artinian hall to watch our students concert, which started with Prayers and the Sunday School Hymn. Students, from kindergarten to Grade 7, presented various readings from the Holy Bible, Psalms, prayers, piano pieces  and a play “The Pharisees and the Tax Collector” emphasizing the Christian values of being thankful and humble.

In his address, Rev. Archpriest Fr. Zareh Zargarian welcomed all guests and expressed his warm appreciation to  the Principal Mrs. Sossi Barounian, teachers, volunteers, students and their parents. Fr. Zareh also presented the diplomas to graduating students Masis Mirzoyan and Arthur Tahmasian. As a token of recognition, our students received awards and gifts from the donors and supporters of  Sunday School for their achievements.

Following the concert, everyone joined in a small reception organized by parents and volunteers and had the opportunity to see the students arts and crafts displayed in the hall.

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