Canadian Youth Mission to Armenia

Canadian Youth Mission to Armenia

Canadian Youth Mission to Armenia

CYMA is a Canadian, volunteer led humanitarian and exchange program focused on redevelopment, community projects, and humanitarian aid distribution, student exchange. CYMA was founded in late 1992 through the collaboration between Archbishop Hovnan Derderian, then primate of the Canadian Diocese and university student Ronald Alepian.

In Armenia, CYMA program includes a children´s workshop, distribution of humanitarian aid and local community visitations. Every summer the participants live with local families to develop and strengthen the emotional and spiritual bond between Armenian youth, as well as Canada and Armenia Also, during their stay they have the opportunity to visit historical sites and monuments.

Canadian Youth Mission to Armenia LEGACY

1993 Built a school in Ararat

1994 Renovated a seminary and an adjacent church in Harich

1995 Renovated “Nor Tbrots” school in Ararat

1996 Renovated “Megheti” children’s day campus in Dilijan

1997 Day Camp for 200 orphans in Dzaghgatsor

1998 Renovated Khor Virab & conducted day camps in Ararat

1999 Renovated Dzaghgatsor orphanage

2000 Renovated school in Aradashen

2001 Youth Pilgrimage commemorating 1700th Anniversary of Christianity

2002 Continued renovations of school in Aradashen

2003 Renovation of a kindergarten in Taleen

2004 Many Hands, One Heart! Saghmosavank

2005 Building our Future! Renovation of Christian Education Center in Armavir

2006 Renovation of a kindergarten in the village of Aradashen

2007 Extend Your Hand Expend Your Family: Renovation of St. Nshan Church in Armavir

2008 Oshagan Village

2009 Oshagan Village

2010 Geghadir Village Renovation of the school

2012 Geghadir Village continuing the Renovation of the school

2013 Geghadir Village Renovation of the Sunday school building

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