URGENT – Your Attention is Required!

Dear Saturday School Community,
I would like to first thank you for your support and for your cooperation.  I appreciate your communications with politicians regarding the possible budget cuts to the International Languages Program, which will affect the operation of our school at Forest Manor P.S.
We are continuing to seek advice as to how to help prevent funding cuts to our school.  Yesterday we met with the local Trustee.  We were encouraged to continue sending emails to politicians urging them to support us.
Please send a short email to each of the Trustees listed below and raise your opinion about the importance of the Saturday School to you and the Armenian community.  This email could be just a few lines or a few paragraph.  You could even send your previously written letter to the new list of Trustees. Number of emails sent might make an impact on the decisions the Trustees make at the final voting, which is shortly.  
Trustees will discuss the budget cuts this Monday May 27th from 4:30pm -11:00pm. We are sending a delegate from our school to read our statement. 
Another meeting will be held on June 3rd when we have 3 delegates from our school attending and speaking.  The final decision will be made on June 11 at the Trustees’ Budgetary Meeting.
Our community should continue sending emails.  The bulk of it should be sent this weekend and no later than this Monday by noon so that when Trustees meet at 4:30 pm they decide to vote against funding cuts to our program.
With great appreciation,
Principal Arpi Panossian
These are the names of Trustees where you should send your emails to:
Zakir Patel, Ward 19, Scarborough – Guildwood, Zakir.Patel@tdsb.on.ca
David Smith, Ward 17, Scarborough Centre, David.Smith4@tdsb.on.ca
Michelle Aarts, Ward 16, Beaches-East York, Michelle.Aarts@tdsb.on.ca
Alexander Brown, Ward 12, Willowdale, Alexander.Brown@tdsb.on.ca
Rachel Chernos Lin, Ward 11, Don Valley West, Rachel.ChernosLin@tdsb.on.ca
Robin Pilkey, Ward 7, Parkdale-High Park, Robin.Pilkey@tdsb.on.ca
Alexandra Lulka, Ward 5, York Centre, Alexandra.Lulka@tdsb.on.ca