The Annual Parish Assembly of The Holy Trinity Armenian Apostolic Church

The Annual Parish Assembly of The Holy Trinity Armenian Apostolic Church

By: Madat B. Mamourian

The Holy Trinity Armenian Apostolic Church’s 86th Annual Parish Assembly took place on Sunday, March 22, 2009 at 2:30 p.m. in “Magaros Artinian” Hall.
His Eminence Bishop Bagrat Galstanian, presided over the meeting assisted by Reverend Archpriest Zareh Zargarian, Pastor of the Holy Trinity Armenian Church of Toronto and Reverend Archpriest Sarkis Gulian.
Mr. Paul Ishkanian the graduate chairperson of the Parish Council of the Holy Trinity Armenian Church declared the opening of the 86th Annual Parish Assembly and called upon the Primate of the Armenian Church Canadian Diocese, His Eminence Bishop Bagrat to deliver the invocation.

Mr. Jack Stepanian, nominated Chairperson of the Meeting
Mr. Madat B. Mamourian, Armenian recording secretary
Mr. Shahe Altounian, English recording secretary
Mr. Antranik Tchilinguerian as Assembly Parliamentarian.

Father ZAreh Zargarian read his report, which was accepted with appreciation. Father Sarkis Gulian thanked for everything and wished success in the meeting.
Previous year’s (85th Assembly) report was approved and all the activities of the Auxillary Bodies were appreciated.
Mr. Serge Aharonian read the auditing committee report and was pleased to announce that all the financial statements were done accurately compared with previous years and thanked Mr. Satouri for the job well done.
On behalf of the Nominating Committee, Mrs. Diana Bogosyan gave the list of the candidates.
Parish Council
Mrs. Rosine Imasdounian
Mr. Meguerditch Meguerditchian (re-elected)
Mr. Kevork Barounian
Mr. Rosdom Mirzoian
Mr. Krikor Shahmouradian

Diocesan Delegates
Mrs. Apet Alpay

Church Endowment Fund
Mrs. Rose Marie Tanielian (re-elected)
Mr. Haig Selian (re-elected)
Mr. Hovig Moushian

Nominating Committee
Mrs. Aida Afarian (re-elected)

Mrs. Diana Bogosyan (re-elected)
Mrs. Filor Boyaci (re-elected)
Mrs. Sella Kaltakjian (re-elected)
Mrs. Elisabeth Asik

Auditing Committee
Mr. Serge Bogosyan (re-elected)
Mr. Sergio Aharonian (re-elected)
Mr. Ara Der-Kevorkian

His Eminence Bishop Bagrat Galstanian expressed his gratitude to Father Zareh Zargarian and Yeretzgin Naira, congratulated the Assembly members, the old and new Parish Council members.

The meeting ended at 5:15 p.m. with Father Sarkis Gulyan’s benediction and prayer.