The 87th Anniversary Banquet of HTAC

The 87th Anniversary Banquet of HTAC


HTAC Press Office

The Holy Trinity Armenian Church of Toronto celebrated the 87th anniversary of the establishment of the parish on December 6, 2015. Following the Anniversary Divine Liturgy, the “Magaros Artinian” hall of the church was packed with over 300 guests attending the Anniversary Banquet.
HTAC 87th Anniversasry Banquet 1
The master of the ceremony, Miss Tamar Atik, welcomed the distinguished guests as well as the representatives of Armenian churches and organizations. She invited the guests to a round of applause for the members of Sassoun Dance Ensemble and the Sr. & Jr. ACYOC who were in charge of serving the meal to the guest. They were recognized by their purple t-shirts with a beautiful slogan: Pray, Love, Serve. The guests were impressed and very happy to see the younger generation’s enthusiasm to be part of this important day.

Following the national anthems of Canada and Armenia, His Grace Bishop Hovakimian said grace.

The students of St. Sahag & St. Mesrop Armenian Saturday School of the Church performed three beautiful songs conducted by Mrs. Nata Navasardyan.

Mr. Ohan Ohanessian, Chair of the Holy Trinity Armenian Apostolic Church Parish Council delivered his message by welcoming the guests and acknowledging the wonderful work of the committees and auxiliary bodies. This was followed by a slide show covering the Church’s religious, cultural, humanitarian, and social life of the church in 2015, prepared by Miss. Anna Avitsian.

The students of church Sunday School guided by their principal, Mrs. Sossi Barounian and teachers and volunteers distributed crosses they made of chocolates among the guests. Each cross was beautifully wrapped and decorated by a verse from the bible. A draw took place towards the end of the banquet. The winning number announced was in fact the same verse that was on one of the chocolates. Mr. Vazken Kerametlian won the prize, a beautiful handmade and blessed Khatchkar, brought in from Armenia.

Mr. Haig Selian, president of the Babayan Foundation, addressed the guests with heartfelt congratulations and announced the annual contribution of Babayan Foundation to the Canadian Armenian Church, Diocese of Canada, and the Holy Trinity Armenian Church among other organizations, Churches and schools.

Mrs. Apet Alpay, chair of the Diocesan Council extended her heartfelt congratulations and best wishes on the 87th anniversary.

In his address, Mr. Richard Berge Sevazlian, the Honorary Consul of Republic of Armenia in Toronto, Ontario spoke of his family’s long history of serving the Holy Trinity Armenian Church in specific remembering his beloved mother, Mrs. Rebecca Sevazlian. Also, he explained his role and duties as the Honorary Consul.

The 87th Anniversary cake was brought in and the Godfathers were invited to light the candles and place them around the cake. It was a beautiful and joyous moment when everyone joined in singing the Happy Birthday song.

The representatives of HTAC Committees and Auxiliary Bodies were happy to present their gifts on this joyous occasion following a year of raising funds through numerous activities and events. Mr. John Satouri, the Church Treasurer announced each committee’s name and their heartfelt donations.

The Sassoun Dance Ensemble’s senior and junior members were next on stage with some of their fan-favourite dances, under the direction of Sevag Avakian assisted by Sareen Avakian. As always, the dancers were cheered by the audience for their beautiful and lively performance.

Rev. Archpriest Fr. Zareh Zargarian, Parish Priest of the Holy Trinity Armenian Apostolic Church was invited to deliver his message. Fr. Zargarian started by praising the Lord for all the blessings that includes a large number of volunteers, a wonderful parish council and parishioners who believe in the mission of the church. Following the tradition, it was time for the awards. Fr. Zargarian announced the following names chosen by the Parish Council and recognized their devoted services to the Holy Trinity Armenian Church and the community:

Mrs. Rosin Imasdounian, previous Parish Council
Mr. Kevork Barounian, previous Parish Council
Young Lady of the Year: Anne Ohanessian from Golf and Debutante Ball Committees
Young Man of the Year: Daron Mardirosian from Sassoun Dance Ensemble
Woman of the Year: Mrs. Rita Bedirian from Saturday School Board
Man of the Year: Kevork Barounian
Family of the Year: Aram, Tili, Lynn Anoush, Lilly, Livia & Lia Isnar
For his long years of devoted services to Holy Trinity Armenian Church, Mr. Masis Afarian received the highest order of the Holy Trinity Armenian Church: The Golden Cross.

As an expression of appreciation for their devoted services, Bishop Hovakimian honoured Mr. Haig Selian and Mr. Masis Afarian with the highest insignia of the Armenian Holy Apostolic Church Canadian Diocese.

With a beautiful bouquet of flowers, Fr. Zargarian expressed his love and appreciation to Yeretsgin Naira for her unconditional support over the years and her important role in the upbringing of their three sons Nareg, Aren and Araz.

Mr. & Mrs. Garabed and Yeghisapet Zakarian presented his handmade Crosier (Եպիսկոպոսական Ասա) to Bishop Hovakimian with well wishes in his important calling.

In his address, Bishop Hovakimian praised God for all His blessings. He expressed appreciation to H. H. Karekin II, Supreme Catholicos of the Armenian Church. He spoke of the visionaries who worked hard to establish Holy Trinity Armenian Church 87 years ago in Toronto and praised the generations who came after them, continuing the mission. Bishop Hovakimian presented Fr. Zargarian with a bronze sculpture of Gomidas Vartabed, as a token of appreciation for his leadership and the devoted services. Also, Serpazan appreciated the church parish council, auxiliary bodies and all parishioners and members. Primate Hovakimian’s encouraging words ended with a closing prayer.

The 87th anniversary celebration was a beautiful and successful day because of a community that appreciates the sense of belonging and working together. A very special appreciation goes to Rev. Archpriest Zareh Zargarian, the Parish Council, the organizing committee, all godfathers, supporters, and friends of the Holy Trinity Armenian Church for their true dedication.

At this time of the year, our parish is getting ready to welcome the New Year and celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ with new additions to the community. Our brothers and sisters from Syria, Iraq and other places are arriving and this community could not be happier to welcome them and assist them with settling in this country. The Armenian Canadians as always extend their helping hands to our Motherland, Armenia and Artsakh. We continue to pray for the peace and harmony around the world. See more photos…

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