Student Life



Shant C.

Saturday school has been an amazing experience for me. When I joined in grade 5, I didn’t know many people in my class, but we soon became the best of friends. There are not many Armenian students in my regular elementary school, so it was nice to make some Armenian friends. In the beginning, I would beg my parents to skip school every Saturday morning, but they would always push me to go. As the years went by, I realized that I actually loved Saturday school. SSSM has helped me make new friends and keep my Armenian heritage active. I learned so many things from all the amazing and loving teachers at this school. If it wasn’t for this school, I wouldn’t be as proud to be an Armenian as I am right now. At the end of Grade 8, my class graduated from the amazing Baron Antranik’s class. At this time we were not just friends anymore, we were a family. In the summer after Grade 8, we traveled to Armenia as a family. Armenia was the best trip of my life. We got to experience the country that we have been studying all our childhood at Saturday school; we got to experience our motherland, the land that our ancestors shed their blood and tears for. I wouldn’t give up anything in the world for those two amazing weeks in our motherland. Saturday School was over for us, but the friendships we made will be strong forever. Saturday School was one of the best things that I’ve ever done. If you’re thinking of enrolling to SSSM, just do it. You wont regret it. -Shant C., Grade 8 Graduate and Wolfpack Member