Sassoun Dance Ensemble’s Trip to South America

Sevag Avakian
The Holy Trinity Armenian Church Sassoun Dance Ensemble was invited to take part in multiple events and celebrations from October 3rd to 15th, 2013 in Argentina & Uruguay.

Rev. Archpriest Fr. Zareh Zargarian met with the group at Pearson airport before their departure for a group prayer and wished them a safe and successful trip. The fifteen dancers accompanied by Mr. & Mr. Joe and Sossy Avakian and Mr. & Mrs. John & Maggie Satouri, began their exciting trip in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They met and interacted with local youth and students at U.G.A.B. (A.G.B.U. of Argentina). It was interesting to visit Armenia Street, which houses the community centres of multiple Armenian organizations and the church. Sassoun was invited to U.G.A.B for a welcome dinner during which, the group performed “Sasna Par” for over 300 of the guests gathered. The 22nd Anniversary of Republic of Armenia’s Independence celebrations was a wonderful festival funded by the government of Argentina in Buenos Aires , where  Sassoun Dance Ensemble performed representing the Canadian Armenians for the first time in Argentina. The festival featured Armenian food vendors, radio stations, singers, musicians, and four local dance groups, and Sassoun Dance Ensemble was the honourary guest. Performing for over 8000 guests throughout the day, Sassoun kept our Toronto community proud and moved the audience with their vibrant dances.

HTAC Sassoun Dance Ensemble

HTAC Sassoun Dance Ensemble



On the next day, Sassoun Ensemble was invited to take part in the local Masis Dance Ensemble’s 20th Anniversary Performance, where they performed two of their dances to an audience of over 1000 people. The rest of the time in Buenos Aires, Sassoun spent touring the city and interacting with local Armenian youth and creating close ties that will last a lifetime.

The group then proceeded to travel to Montevideo, Uruguay for 3 days, where they had many city tours, and visited an Armenian school, church, and U.G.A.B. of Uruguay. Sassoun was invited to a welcome lunch reception at the Armenian Nubarian School where they interacted with students and spoke English with the students, to help them practice for an upcoming English exam. They then visited a class learning Armenian dance, and were asked to perform for the students. The Sassoun members were very excited and enthusiastic to perform for the students, and to share our Armenian culture with our brothers and sisters in Uruguay.

Sassoun Dance Group in Argentina







Sassoun Dance Ensemble spent the rest of the trip touring and going back to Argentina to wrap up their unforgettable trip before returning home. The group is now frantically working and preparing for their 10Year Anniversary Performance, which will feature a new program, never done before in Canada, which promises to be an unforgettable experience for both the members of the group and the audience.

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