Christ is born and revealed – Blessed is the revelation of Christ

Christ is born and revealed

Blessed is the revelation of Christ


Dear compatriots,
On the occasion of the New Year and Christmas I greet you and pray that 2021 be a blessed year and one of good deeds of faith and health for all of you.
During the year 2020, our compatriots in Armenia and Artsakh struggled not only against the invisible pandemic, but were forced to fight for their existence in an uneven war that was instigated by the Azerbaijani government.
It was an existential struggle, as a result of which thousands of Armenian soldiers, officers and volunteers lost their lives, thousands were wounded, lost or taken prisoners. An enormous section of our historic homeland in Artsakh was lost to the enemy, which resulted in a widespread destruction, as well as a huge number of families that were left without homes. May God the Almighty embrace in His heavenly altars the souls of our martyred soldiers, grant health to all the wounded and help release all the prisoners of war.
Dear faithful, as we enter the new year, my heartfelt prayer is for the pandemic to come to an end. May the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ bring peace, love, unity and strong faith to Armenians across Armenia, Artsakh and the Diaspora, so that together we’ll be able to reconstruct and revitalize our homeland. Remember: unity is strength.
Since the beginning of the war our church has been offering financial and humanitarian aid to our homeland. I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to all who played a positive role by their contributions.
My dear compatriots, despite the difficulties as a result of the pandemic, Holy Trinity Armenian Apostolic Church uninterruptedly continues to hold religious services that are streaming through Facebook Live.
On this occasion I extend my thanks and appreciation to the Parish Council of our church, as well as the deacons and the church choir, the committees, all volunteers and the staff for their unwavering dedication.
Dear faithful, please consider that during the past year, and because of the pandemic, the church cancelled all its fund raising events, as well as its anniversary celebration and banquet. All this placed the church in dire financial conditions.
We hereby address you to make your heartfelt donations to our holy church, thus contributing to the uninterrupted activity of the Lord’s house and our beloved Holy Trinity Church.
On behalf of the Parish Council, we extend our sincere appreciation for your support and much needed donations.
May you all have a Happy New Year and a Merry Christmas.
May God bless us all and our compatriots in Armenia, Artsakh and the Diaspora.
Rev. Archpriest Fr. Zareh Zargarian
Vicar of the Armenian Holy Apostolic Church Diocese of Canada
Parish Priest of Holy Trinity Armenian Apostolic Church