Louma vouchers

Louma vouchers

luma.FH11Dear Parishioners, Friends and Church Family,

For centuries, Armenian faithful have supported their beloved church with heartfelt donations; especially towards lighting candles and for the collection plate.

The Pastor & Parish Council are happy to introduce Holy Trinity Armenian Church “LOUMA” program, in which vouchers maybe used for candle and collection plate donations.

The Louma vouchers are available in $2, $5, $10 and $20 denominations.  Tax deductible receipts are available for purchases of books of 10 Loumas.  The Loumas can be conveniently purchased with any form of payment.

By using Loumas instead of cash each Sunday, you will help eliminate hours of volunteer work, counting and depositing small cash donations.  By carrying a book of Loumas, you will eliminate the worry about having cash for candle or collection plate donations.

The Parish Council will be happy to introduce the Loumas and assist you in this regards.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the Church office with any questions or concerns; We look forward to worshiping with you at next Sunday’s Divine Liturgy.

Thank you.