The Holy Trinity Armenian Apostolic Church (HTAC) and the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) are pleased to announce that effective August 1, 2012, the school section of the AGBU building will be provided for use by the HTAC St. Sahag – St. Mesrob Armenian Saturday School, the HTAC Sunday School, as well as by HTAC auxiliary bodies.

AGBU will continue to have access and utilize a few designated rooms for their Sports & Young Professionals programs.

HTAC would like to express heartfelt gratitude to the AGBU Central Board and the Toronto Chapter for this collaborative approach and will assume responsibility for all expenses related to utilities and maintenance of the school portion of the building.

We are confident that these constructive arrangements will bring new excitement within the Toronto Armenian community and will reinforce the collaboration between HTAC and AGBU organizations, thus contributing to the advancement of our faith, language and culture.

Therefore, we appeal to Toronto Armenians to unequivocally support this joint initiative, both morally and financially, for the benefit of our entire community.