Information Session on Private Sponsorship Refugee Program

Information Session on Private Sponsorship Refugee Program

Armenian Family Support Services (AFSS), Holy Trinity Armenian Church has been designated by Citizenship and Immigration Canada as a Sponsorship Agreement Holder (SAH) to help bring Syrian and Iraqi Refugees of an Armenian background to Toronto. On July 10th, 2015, AFSS hosted a free, three-hour information session on Private Sponsorship Refugee Program, presented by the AFSS Sponsorship Committee and Mr. Yosief Araya, Manager of Refugee Sponsorship Training Program.


This insightful presentation thoroughly explained private sponsorship – specifically, who is eligible for private sponsorship, what the requirements are as outlined by the Government of Canada, and what the application process involves. The information session was presented in both English and Armenian to a room full of individuals seeking information and assistance with private sponsorship. This was an important opportunity for co-sponsors to fully understand their financial and moral responsibilities. In summary, this provided a burgeoning of hope for both co-sponsors and refugees

Armenian Family Support Services (AFSS) is a non-profit community organization whose mission is to provide emergency support, settlement, and employment and referral services in the Greater Toronto Area. We are committed to enabling individuals to fully integrate, participate in and contribute to civil society. Our activities are guided by our core values of respect, dignity, and cultural sensitivity. For more information on private sponsorship, please contact AFSS at or 416-431-5549.