Information & Pre-Sale Session At York Cemetery

Information & Pre-Sale Session At York Cemetery

s-1040The Holy Trinity Armenian Apostolic Church & Mount Pleasant York Cemetery Group held an information & Pre-Sale session on Sunday, November 15, 2009 at the York Cemetery’s Chapel in North York.

The interested members of our community gathered to take a tour of sections 3 & 30 of York Cemetery which has been dedicated to Armenian community of Toronto and the Greater Area.

An interesting presentation followed the tour during which detailed information was passed to all present. Mr. John Satouri, the chairperson of parish council welcomed the guests and invited them to watch a short video. He introduced the staff members who will assist the community with all details related to pre-planning details of a funeral service.

A memorial Monument will be constructed in section 3 of the York cemetery in honor of 1.5 million Armenians who perished during the Genocide of 1915. This will give us an opportunity to pay our respect to our victims while we visit a loved one’s grave.

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The importance of keeping our loved ones away from the difficult decisions they have to make after we pass was clearly explained. The fact is by getting the correct information we can be prepared and have things taken care of in advance. The financial aspect is an issue which most people are not prepared for. While we need to grieve after a loved one passes, it is difficult to deal with funeral related costs, all at once.

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The majority of people present were comfortable enough to purchase lots in both sections 3 & 30. It is considerably important to be aware of fare hikes. Every year, on April 1st, the prices of cemetery lots increase by minimum 5 percent. As you know, in 2010, we are going to have an additional Harmonized tax as well. From now to end of March 2010, we have a chance to not only purchase the lots in Armenian sections 3 & 30, but we can take the opportunity to pre-plan the Funeral and other costs related to it at today’s price. Please note, payment installment options are available.


Mr. Kirk Apel, our dedicated lawyer spoke about wills and importance of having one. He offered his service to our community members who are interested in taking care of their assets now and have a peace of mind about the family and everything they have worked hard for.

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At the end, Rev. Archpriest Zareh Zargarian addressed the guests, acknowledging the presence and support of Mr. Ara Boyajian, the Chairman of Diocesan Delegates and previous committee members. He specially thanked the present committee members, Mr. John Satouri, Mr. Ohan Ohanessian, Mr. Krikor Apel & Mrs. Diana Bogosyan who assisted him during the negotiations and meetings with the Mount Pleasant York Cemetery Group. He spoke of his experience with families who were caught up with numerous decision making issues before they could have the Funeral service of a loved one. Fr. Zareh wished everyone great health and a long joyful life.

After the meeting, everyone was invited to the lounge to enjoy refreshments provided by York Cemetery.

For the pre-planning arrangements and related information please contact Mrs. Diana Bogosyan at Church office: 416-431-3001 ext. 221.