Camp Ararat 2009

Camp Ararat 2009

During the week of August 17-22, 150 campers, counselors-in-training and staff gathered at Wesley Acres (Bloomfield, Ontario) to play, laugh, swim, run, dance, and pray together at CAMP ARARAT! It was truly “An Experience to Remember”!

In the mornings, the campers rotated from sports to Armenian heritage activities to religion classes. During this time, the senior campers were racing the clock (and opposing teams) in the Camp Ararat Challenge. Congratulations to the ORANGE team for achieving the fastest time!S-IMG_2304

After a delicious lunch, the afternoon programs focused on games and water activities. While one group of campers headed out to beautiful Sandbanks Provincial Park, another group could be found at the Wesley Acres waterfront swimming, canoeing, and even snorkeling! Other campers participated in games and team building activities, while another group was slipping and sliding and getting very, very wet!


In the evenings, the campers took part in various activities such as group games, carnival, movie night, and campfire. On the last night, the much-anticipated talent show and dance kept the campers entertained and happy all evening.


On the last morning of camp, the Camp Ararat family took part in Holy Badarak where they took communion and gave thanks for the wonderful blessings bestowed upon them during this safe, fun, and educational week.


For the fifth consecutive year, the CIT program has been preparing the youth to be knowledgeable, patient and well-trained counselors. This group of 19 young adults did an outstanding job in assisting the staff care for the campers. The traditional CIT Olympics on Thursday evening were a great hit with campers and staff.


Many thanks to the Camp Ararat Board of Directors, the Camp Ararat Staff, the parish liaisons, and the parent volunteers for their tireless efforts and dedication to this wonderful camp:

Fr. Myron Sarkissian, Fr. Hayrik Hovhannisyan, Hilda Sakaloglu, Taline Baltayan, Maida Icliates, Taleen Chouljian, Nouart Mouchian, Mari Marinosyan, Ani Altounian, Stephen Beler, Jennifer Boyd, Raffy Chouljian, Maral Deveci, Lena Garabedian, Arlen Gazeryan, Garen Hagopian, Daniel Hanna, Natasha Icliates, Talia Kalender, Saro Khatchadourian, Nyrie Kouyoumdjian, Arpi Kurkjian, Serena Kurkjian, Karina Mardirossian, Michael Sagsoz, Taniel Sakaloglu, Kami Sarimanukoglu, Arbe Satouri, Sahag Sildiryan, Arman Tanelyan, Arev Tascioglu, Meher Torossian, Diana Walsh, Fr. Komitas Mirzakhanyan, Sophia Jesswein, Hilda Tursucu Cakar, and Nora Tursucuyan.

The Camp Ararat photo gallery will be updated soon with all sorts of great 2009 pictures. Log in to for all the latest pics. See you next year!!