Call to Action; Aid to the Armenian Community of Syria

Call to Action; Aid to the Armenian Community of Syria

IMG_8955Dear Faithful Armenian Community of Canada,

With the blessings and directive issued by the Mother Sea of Holy Etchmiadzin, the Diocese of the Armenian Church of Canada is now able to initiate a call to action to receive funds from the faithful in Canada for relief effort to aid Armenians in Syria.

The humanitarian crisis in Syria has created undue distress for Armenian families in Homs, Aleppo and Damascus.  They are experiencing great hardship to procure their safety and financial stability.  Those who have been able to find refuge outside the war zone have already left their homes behind to find shelter with family and friends. The others must now strive to survive as best they can under the hardship of war, civil unrest and lack of employment with little opportunity to work and secure their livelihood.  To date, the local Armenian churches and institutions have functioned as well as possible under the current grave conditions.

Bishop Armash Nalbandian, the Primate of the Armenian Diocese of Damascus, informed Holy Etchmiadzin that a Syrian-Armenian emergency aid organization has been formed to provide refugees with housing and medical assistance, and hope to meet other immediate needs of the community. In addition, the aid organization will support local churches, schools, and cultural institutions, and will strive to preserve the historic Armenian presence in Syria.

We are asking all our faithful throughout our parishes in Canada to contribute to this relief effort. Individuals and parishes can make cheques in the name of the Diocese of the Armenian Church of Canada (please write “Syrian Relief” in the memo) at your earliest convenience and no later than Monday, October 1. 2012. Please bring your help and participate in this emergency relief effort for the Armenian community of Syria, in their time of need through your financial contribution.

We offer our prayers to the Lord and ask for peace in the region. We ask Him to protect the suffering victims of war, all those who have been forced from their homes.  Our thoughts and prayers go to our brothers and sisters, the strong and faithful Armenian community of Syria.

Please send your cheques to the:

Diocese  of the Armenian Church of Canada
615 Stuart Avenue,Outremont, Quebec
Canada  H2V 3H2

Bishop B. Galstanian, Primate of the Armenian Church of Canada