BIBLE STUDY: Every Tuesday at 8:00PM at Holy Trinity Armenian Church

BIBLE STUDY: Every Tuesday at 8:00PM at Holy Trinity Armenian Church

01sThe Holy Trinity, Part IV

Two weeks ago we answered why Christianity is so specific, as well as if generic faith in a greater force and being a “nice” person is sufficient to save today’s society. There is nothing wrong with being a nice person and doing great deeds and being selfless in order to help others but where did this nice person come from? Would this nice person descend from Adam like all of us? If there niceness is so great would it be sufficient enough to pay for Adams sin? Of course its enough to pay for Adams sin, that’s why we don’t need Christ, because being a nice person is good enough.

If this was true then Christ would be obsolete. Generic faith and niceness will never cleanse the sin of our forefathers nor will it reconcile God to man, that is why Christ came and only he could do that. We must understand that the work we must do to be considered “nice” in front of God is not from ourselves or from our decisions but it is the work of God, His decisions, discerned by the Spirit Hegave you through baptism, the same Spirit hovering over the waters in Genesis. The specificity in Christianity is necessary (Christ’s sacrifice, crucifixion, resurrection, baptism) not because God thought it would be neat, but because of Adams sin. The specificity of Christianity exists to eliminate our sin, its our sins that is bringing God, in his mercy, to come up with ways for repentance. Society does not consider this and can view Christianity as ritualistic or even somewhat extreme. Now that we know this we can start to realize how special Christ’s sacrifice was and understand how unworthy man really is for Gods abundant love. This week we will finally reach our defence for the argument against polytheism being associated to the Holy Trinity. In order to do this we must go back into the Old Testament where the Trinity is hidden due the absence of its description as a whole but in the Old lies the foundations for the New.

(Isaiah 9:1-7, self explanatory)

Some reasons why we need a Son:

Baptism and the giving of the Holy Spirit (John 3:3-8, Luke 9:46-48)

To fulfill the law and the words of the prophets (justification) (Galatians 5)

Sacrifice and resurrection (Hebrews 10:1-18)

Salvation (Romans 10:8-13)

As an example (Philippians 2:1-11)