Armenian Christmas in Holy Trinity Armenian Church

Armenian Christmas in Holy Trinity Armenian Church

The solemn observance of the Armenian Christmas Eve, on the evening of January 5, 2011, was celebrated by His Eminence Bishop Bagrat Galstanian, Primate of the Armenian Church Canadian Diocese, assisted by Rev. Archpriest Zareh Zargarian, Parish Priest and the deacons, accompanied by members of Church Choir led by Mr. Shahe Altounian. At the end of the Divine Liturgy “Yeraz” Youth Choir performed Christmas Carols conducted by Mrs. Meline Afyan.

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The faithful of the parish gathered in the Holy Trinity Armenian Church to celebrate Nativity and Theophany of Jesus Christ.

In His Sermon, the Primate gave an inspirational speech to the faithful and congratulated the Birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ and stressed the importance of January 6th in the life of the Armenian people.

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After the liturgy, the procession of clergy and faithful gathered in the church lobby, where Bishop Galstanian blessed water, salt and bread, and showered the faithful with water. The evening took on a joyful note. 

The Parish Council served liqueurs and chocolates and the sweet bread “cheoreg” prepared by Mrs. Sona Mutevelli.


On the morning of Wednesday, January 6, 2011, Holy Trinity was filled with prayers and celebration. Rev. Archpriest Zareh Zargarian celebrated the Divine Liturgy, assisted by Rev. Datev Menengichian and the deacons and accompanied by Church Choir. Immediately following the liturgy was the traditional blessing of the water symbolizing the baptism of Christ, and distribution to all the present faithful. The honor of the symbolic role of St. John the Baptist was given to a young member of the Armenian Church, Masis Mirzoyan.

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In His Sermon, Fr. Zargarian stressed about the Christian identity, embracing our faith with pride and the importance of January 6th in the life of the Armenian people.

The Armenian tradition of observing January 6 as Christmas rather than the more common December 25, or the Eastern Orthodox January 7, is what sets us apart as a distinct, ancient and traditional Christian nation.  All Armenians, the world over, are united on this happy day. The solemn Armenian Christian Christmas greeting, both during the “kiss of peace” and for 40 days after Christmas, is “Christ is born and revealed to us” and the response is, “Blessed is the revelation of Christ.”

The members of Women’s Guild of Holy Trinity Armenian Church, under the leadership of Mrs. Rita Artinian, had organized a very nice Christmas Luncheon for the parish. The “Magaros Artinian” Hall was filled with decorated tables, great food and tasty dessert. A big thank you to the attendees and their support.