Annual Volunteers Appreciation Party

Annual Volunteers Appreciation Party

HTAC Press Office

On Saturday, January 28, 2017 The Annual Volunteers Appreciation Party took place at Holy Trinity Armenian Church organized by the Parish Council.

The evening started with the opening of the Primate’s and Pastor’s newly renovated offices which was made possible by the heartfelt donation of Mr. & Mrs. Berge Sevazlian, in memory of their beloved mother, Rebecca Sevazlian and by Mr. & Mrs. Levon Garibyan in memory of their beloved mother, Marusia Hayrapetova. Following the prayer, Bishop Hovakimian and Fr. Zargarian thanked the donors for their contributions and wished them well.
Same evening, over 250 guests gathered at “Magaros Artinian” Hall for the Annual Volunteers’ Appreciation Dinner. This beautiful tradition of inviting church family members to enjoy a pleasant evening of food, music and dance was organized and hosted by the Parish Priest, Fr. Zargarian and the Council’s Chair, Mr. Ohan Ohanessian and his devoted team: John Satouri, Rosin Imasdounian, Bedros Chinchinian, Sella Kaltakjian, Vigen Allahyarian, Masis Esagholian, Houry Aznavourian, Arine Kemkemian, Taline Tajerian, Nune Zohrabyan and John Derohanessian.

The Holy Trinity Armenian Church Parish Council Chairman, Mr. Ohan Ohanessian welcomed and appreciated the volunteers who are part of the Committees and Auxiliary Bodies of the Church as well as those who are always there to extend a helping hand to their church when their time and skills are needed.
Mr. Richard Berge Sevazlian, the Honourary Council of the Republic of Armenia to Ontario expressed his heartfelt message to the guests and praised the Holy Trinity Armenian Church for the exemplary services and provided by the Parish Priest and the council to the community.

The Vicar of the Diocese and Parish Priest, Rev. Archpriest Zareh Zargarian greeted the guests, welcomed them and thanked the volunteers for their most precious asset, their time and their willingness to support their church. The Primate of the Armenian Church, His Grace Bishop Abgar Hovakimian praised the united work of all volunteers under the leadership of Parish Priest and the council towards the prosperity of the church.
The entertainment for the party was provided by Hrant Ketendjian. Members of Sassoun Dance group not only danced but sang popular Armenian tunes keeping the guests dancing and enjoying the party. Mr. Levon Kalemkerian from church choir performed beautiful favourite songs adding unique charm to the party.

The Holy Trinity Armenian Church’s auxiliary bodies continue to work under the leadership of Fr. Zargarian and the devoted Parish Council. All committees are happy to welcome new volunteers to this big family where everyone works to promote the Christian faith and the Armenian heritage and culture as well as providing humanitarian assistance wherever is needed the most. See photos….
“Great things are brought about and burdens are lightened through the efforts of many hands anxiously engaged in a good cause. Elder M. Russel Ballard