S-IMG_9206 bOn Saturday, December 13th, 2008, Toronto’s Armenian Iraqi’s received some positive news about their families abroad.

Hay Doun Family Support Services Montreal and Armenian Family Support Services Toronto, held a special information session for families that had pre-applied.

Hay Doun, in a special Collective Sponsorship Program with Immigration Quebec, has been granted to assist in helping Armenian Refugees from Iraq immigrate to Canada and settle in Quebec. Presently there is a quota of 50 sponsorships per year.

Nayiri Tavlian and Vassilena Gashparova from Hay Doun, briefed everyone with a detailed presentation of how the process works and outlined how each family must prepare in order to assist their sponsored family members settle in Canada.



Father Zareh Zargarian and Maida Icliates also assisted in ensuring all families were fully aware and informed. Following the presentation, a question and answer period was held.

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We thank Primate Bishop Bagrat Galstanian and Hay Doun for all their efforts in this beautiful initiative. We wish for continued success and expansion with this humanitarian mission.

AFSS Board of Directors