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Meeting Minutes

March 8, 2014

Present: Arpi, Armineh, Kirk, Alex, Hrad

Minutes: (by priority)

  1. Menu: SSSM should be on the HTAC main menu – options i) a new school icon beside the existing church icon; ii) “Saturday School” text with drop down to replace current links
    1. Assigned to: Hrad
  2. Events: put static PDFs of SSSM events on HTAC website, wait for LMS before introducing a real dynamic events system with links to additional info per event
    1. Assigned to: Armineh and Alex
  3. Registration: The goal is to streamline and reduce work for office staff.  Due Date: beginning of May.  Online registration for 2015 – options i) static PDF for parents to fill in and fax or send by email? back to SSSM; ii) true online registration form (but NB: PII and COPPA laws); iii) online donation only (no information collected), link payment to fax (i) using confirmation #
    1. Assigned to: Alex and Hrad
    2. Dependencies: i) HTAC already has a parent’s account DB, whereas SSSM has children’s account DB; ii) speak to John Satori (?) regarding existing HTAC receipt payment system
  4. LMS: start the search
    1. Assigned to: Alex and Hrad
  5. Open House: Armineh proposed a new idea for potential parents to try SSSM for 2 to 3 weeks before registering their children.  This would reduce confusion due to refund requests where in fact SSSM receipts are really donations not tuition.
  6. Pilot Class: marketing
    1. Assigned to: Alex and Hrad and … ???
  7. SSSM online participation rewards: Proposed by Karoon.  i.e. most active user, colouring contests, photo contests, best ideas submitted to suggestion box, website colour scheme and layout.  NB: this is NOT a Logo design contest.
  8. Lesson Plans / agenda / weekly homework: create fillable forms / templates (low priority)
  9. Polls: what time should school start, how long should morning assembly last, use of English in classrooms? (low priority)
  10. Reach out to Barrie, Vancounver, Worldwide: students of any age, teachers of any subject – as long as it is part of the mission.  NB: Aras’s marketing idea to use youtube (need more detail) – long term; this effort is distinct from